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EVENT AND Festival Wristband specialists, offering the best quality at unbeatable prices. Contact us for a free quotation and a complimentary sample pack.
    Event and Festival Wristband specialists, offering the best quality at unbeatable prices. Contact us for a free quotation and a complimentary sample pack.

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Charity Fundraising Ideas Illustration

Raising funds for nonprofit organisations presents both challenges and rewards. With the right strategies tailored specifically for nonprofit organisations and a bit of creativity, you can inspire your community to support your cause and help achieve your goals. Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for nonprofits that can engage donors and generate significant […]

Personalised Festival Wristbands : How to Design Your Own

Festival Wristband - Personalise Wristband Design Tutorials

Creating personalised festival wristbands can add a unique touch to any event. This guide will walk you through the process of designing your own festival wristbands using Canva, ensuring they are both attractive and functional. Whether you’re new to Canva or an experienced user, follow these simple steps to bring your vision to life. Let’s […]

Eco-Friendly Rainbow wristbands: Celebrating with Sustainability in Mind

Eco-Friendly Rainbow wristbands

Rainbow wristbands are a great way to celebrate Pride Month. As we continue our collective fight for equality, it’s also crucial to consider the environmental impact of our celebrations. Eco-friendly Pride wristbands offer a sustainable way to show support and solidarity. Let’s explore some options for eco-friendly and sustainable materials for making rainbow wristbands and […]

Freshers Wristbands: The Ultimate Guide


Starting university is a thrilling experience filled with new opportunities, friends, and events. One essential item that can enhance your Freshers Week experience is the freshers wristband. But what exactly are these wristbands, and why are they so important? This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know about freshers wristbands, ensuring […]

Wristbands for Events: How to make the right choice!

Choosing the Perfect Wristband for Your Event - Illustration

Wristbands for your events—a game-changer Wristbands for your events can transform your various occasions, from music festivals to corporate gatherings and charity runs. They don’t just expedite entry and bolster security; they elevate attendee experiences. Here at Wristfix, we’re dedicated to matching you with the perfect wristband tailored to your event’s distinct requirements. Types of […]

Our Website Has Arrived!

Is The Wait Now Over? At Wristfix UK Wristbands, we understand the importance of providing our customers with quick and efficient access to information and support on our website. We have dedicated our efforts to finding ways to make this process as easy as possible for you. Our goal is to ensure that you can […]

Bringing Innovation To The Payment Journey

Breaking It Down People are still in love with festivals and events. The idea of jumping in a moshpit still appeals to the vast majority, whilst for others it’s simply dancing till they can no longer that excites them. What is consistent in all of those scenarios mind you, is where would people put their […]

Pride Wristbands for Events

What Are You Guaranteed? – High quality wristbands – Unbeatable pricing – Fast delivery We pride ourselves here at Wristfix UK Wristbands, in being the largest suppliers of Pride Wristbands for festivals, parades and events. We are delighted that our cost effective wristbands can play a small part in supporting and celebrating our LGBTQ+ community. […]

RFID Wristbands Led The Way

Say Hello To 2023 Wow! What an incredible year 2022 has proven to be with festivals, events and conferences back in full swing after the challenges COVID-19 brought. Viewed as the year, in which we finally “returned to normality”, although we all know this normal is slightly different for some. Here, at Wristfix UK Wristbands, […]

Elegantly Gliding Are The VIPs

How Are VIPs Catered For? Festivals were rocking again last summer with organisers doting over fabric festival wristbands, continuing to be the market leader as their desired choice for a security pass. But festival organisers begun looking for personalised wristbands, more contrasting to that of their festival fabric. Whilst this solution needed to be robust, durable […]