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EVENT AND Festival Wristband specialists, offering the best quality at unbeatable prices. Contact us for a free quotation and a complimentary sample pack.
    Event and Festival Wristband specialists, offering the best quality at unbeatable prices. Contact us for a free quotation and a complimentary sample pack.

Freshers Wristbands: The Ultimate Guide


Starting university is a thrilling experience filled with new opportunities, friends, and events. One essential item that can enhance your Freshers Week experience is the freshers wristband. But what exactly are these wristbands, and why are they so important? This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know about freshers wristbands, ensuring you make the most of your university’s introductory week.

What Are Freshers Wristbands?

Freshers wristbands are special bands worn by new university students (freshers) that grant access to various events and activities during Freshers Week. They come in different colours, designs, and materials, reflecting the university’s spirit and the range of activities available.

Find more information about Freshers Week on the The Student Room.

Why Are They Important?

Access to Events

Freshers wristbands are essentially your ticket to all the exclusive Freshers Week events, including parties, club nights, fairs, and social gatherings. They ensure you don’t miss out on any fun activities planned by your university.

Discounts and Offers

Many wristbands come with added perks such as discounts on food, drinks, and entry to local clubs and bars. This can help you save money and enjoy more activities without stretching your budget.


Wearing a freshers wristband signals to others that you are part of the new cohort, making it easier to strike up conversations and meet fellow students. These initial connections can lead to lasting friendships and valuable networks throughout your university life.

How to Get Your Wristbands

Purchase Options

Typically, freshers wristbands can be purchased online through your university’s official Freshers Week website or in person at designated locations on campus. Be sure to buy from authorised sources to avoid scams or counterfeit wristbands.


The price of freshers wristbands varies depending on the university and the range of events included. Some universities offer different tiers of wristbands, each providing access to different levels of activities and perks.

Types of Wristbands

Standard Wristbands

These provide access to most of the main events and activities during Freshers Week. They are usually the most affordable option.

Themed Freshers Wristbands

Some universities offer themed wristbands for specific types of events, such as music festivals, sports events, or cultural nights.

VIP Wristbands

For those looking to get the most out of Freshers Week, VIP wristbands offer additional benefits such as priority entry, exclusive parties, and extra discounts.

Designing the Perfect Freshers Wristband

Customisation Options

Many universities allow students to customise their freshers wristbands with their names, course, or favourite colours. This adds a personal touch and makes your wristband unique.


Freshers wristbands come in various materials, including fabric, silicone, and Tyvek. Fabric wristbands are durable and comfortable, while silicone wristbands are flexible and waterproof. Tyvek wristbands are affordable and ideal for one-time use.


Consider choosing eco-friendly wristbands made from recyclable or biodegradable materials. This reduces environmental impact and promotes sustainability among the student community.

How to Make the Most of Your Freshers Wristband

Plan Your Schedule

With so many events happening during Freshers Week, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Use your wristband to plan your schedule, ensuring you attend the events that interest you the most.

Stay Safe

While Freshers Week is all about fun, it’s important to stay safe. Keep your wristband secure and avoid sharing it with others. Look out for friends and be aware of your surroundings, especially at crowded events.

Engage and Participate

Don’t just attend events—participate! Engage with different activities, meet new people, and make the most of every opportunity. Your freshers wristband is your ticket to an unforgettable university experience.


Freshers wristbands are more than just a piece of fabric or silicone; they are your gateway to an exciting and enriching Freshers Week. From gaining access to exclusive events to enjoying discounts and making new friends, these wristbands are a must-have for any new student. So, grab your freshers wristband, dive into the fun, and start your university journey on the right foot!

By understanding the importance and benefits of freshers wristbands, you can make the most of your Freshers Week and set the stage for an amazing university experience. Happy Freshers Week!

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